New Year’s Eve Post

the simplest thing can inspire us to dream

When I was 10 we lived in the chic Upper East Side in New York City, but our tiny apartment was more shabby than chic. There was a lot of love at home but my parents were more concerned with starting up in a new country than with interior design.

One day we went to a local Church Fair, a kind of craft and bric a brac bazaar with lots of homemade cupcakes and handmade crochet oven mitts. My father found 2 huge rolls of fabric for a price that he could not resist. We became the proud owners of 30 meters of two different colored fabrics.

You have no idea what impact that purchase had on me as a child.

I was in love with that material. Finally we had something nice to make our house cozy with. For me, the fabric became a symbol of our lives and dreams. To make something beautiful regardless of your means.

With and through the material I wove our story of then and of the future. The fabric became a part of our lives. It made me happy and hopeful.

I never pursued a career in interior design when I was younger because I had a false impression that it was not important or serious enough. No lives saved, no political problems solved.

But an interior is indeed very important.

A house should be a safe place in an unsafe world. It should make us happy, tell our life story, our passions and our dreams. It should reflect us and be a place of reflection.

Thank you for all the love and support in these beginning months of our new venture. Your are all a part of the fabric of our lives. We are very grateful for that.

Let’s share our journeys in this new year 2020!

love, Nancy